Basic Course

Basic Course


1. To impart one year basic training to the directly recruited Deputy Superintendent of Police and Sub Inspectors of North Eastern States.

2. To make the trainees understand the prevailing socio-economic situation and law & order issues confronting the police in their state and to teach the officers about their ideal role in the context of policing.

3. To give an overview of the constitutional scheme of fundamental rights.

4. At the end of the training,the trainees should have working knowledge about the administrative structure of the government and different wings of the police department.

5. To equip the trainees with the art of scientific and legal investigation. At the end of the training the officer should be able to feel confident to undertake investigation of crime independently.

6. To make the Officers understand as to how the scientific techniques available can be used in the investigation of crime.


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Syllabus for Basic Course

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Sl No. Course No Rank Name State Year
1 1st DySP J. Bagra Arunachal Pradesh Police Service 1981-82
2 40th DySP Rukulu Tunyi Nagaland Police Service 2014
3 41th DySP Banraplang Jyrwa Meghalaya Police Service 2015
4 42nd DySP Rike Kamsi Arunachal Pradesh Police Service 2016
5 43rd DySP Dr. V B Rajkamal Andhra Pradesh Police Service 2017
6 44th DySP Thokchom Heeraj Anand Manipur Police Service 2018
7 46th DySP Sentiwapang Nagaland Police Service 2019
8 48th DySP Rishi Longdoh Arunachal Pradesh Police Service 2020-2021
Sl No. Course No Rank Name State Year
1 1st SI G. Pertin Arunachal Pradesh Police 1982
2 2nd SI M. S. Yadav Arunachal Pradesh Police 1983
3 3rd SI A. M. Jamir Nagaland Police 1984
4 4th SI B. Gurung Mizoram Police 1984
5 5th SI N. Kalita Arunachal Pradesh Police 1985
6 6th SI S. Dey Tripura Police 1986
7 7th SI D. K. Guha Tripura Police 1987
8 8th SI P. Debnath Tripura Police 1988
9 9th SI M. K. Rambhadran Arunachal Pradesh Police 1989
10 10th SI M. Singh Arunachal Pradesh Police 1990
11 11th SI L. Nongpluh Meghalaya Police 1991
12 12th SI T. S. Jamir Nagaland Police 1992
13 13th SI J. Nath Tripura Police 1993
14 14th SI J. Das Tripura Police 1994
15 15th SI M. S. Biswas Tripura Police 1995
16 16th SI Raplang Suting Meghalaya Police 1996
17 17th SI I. Lollen Arunachal Pradesh Police 1997
18 18th SI J. Konyak Nagaland Police 1998
19 19th SI Zarzokima Mizoram Police 1999
20 20th SI S. K. Pradhan Meghalaya Police 2000
21 21st SI K. Yeptdo Nagaland Police 2001
22 22nd SI K. Dinesh Kumar Manipur Police 2002
23 26th SI Krishnandu Dev Arunachal Pradesh Police 2004
24 27th SI Chewang D. Bhutia Sikkim Police 2005
25 28th SI Mosa Zeliang Nagaland Police 2005
26 29th SI Bibhas Ranjan Das Tripura Police 2006
27 30th SI Yogarj Gautam Meghalaya Police 2007
28 31st SI Gallant Kharumnuid Meghalaya Police 2007
29 32nd SI B. Marbaniang Meghalaya Police 2008
30 33rd SI K. Dominique Nagaland Police 2008
31 34th & 35th SI S. S. Lywait Meghalaya Police 2009
32 36th SI Olivia Asem Manipur Police 2010
33 37th SI T. H. Sharda Devi Manipur Police 2011
34 38th SI Anupa Gurung Sikkim Police 2012
35 39th SI Sitoshna Sharma Sikkim Police 2013
36 40th SI Amum Panyang Arunachal Pradesh Police Service 2014
37 41st SI Benhanan Sahkhar Meghalaya Civil Defence & Home Guards 2015
38 42nd SI T Jongsen Nagaland Police 2016
39 43rd SI Keyileuting (Inspector) Nagaland Excise 2017
40 44th SI Bobby Sumanyan Arunachal Pradesh Police Service 2018
41 45th SI Ricky Phawa Meghalaya Police 2018
42 46th SI Mohammad Rizwan Meghalaya Police 2019
43 47th SI Er. James Kikon Nagaland Police 2020
44 48th SI Shuvam Nongrum Meghalaya Civil Defence & Home Guards 2020-2021
45 49th SI Rahul Das Tripura Police 2021
46 50th SI Baharul Islam Assam Police 2021-2022