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The Academy design and offer short term specialized courses, workshop, seminars and webinars on contemporary and relevant issues for in-service Police Officers of all the states, CAPF and other organization to enhance their skills and knowledge. The Academy has also started training officers from the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar since 2015.

To build up the capacity of Police Officers in dealing with Cyber Crime, various courses on cyber-crime and cyber forensic are conducted which includes, Mobile Forensics,Cybercrime Investigation for Police Officers under CCPWC Scheme besides others.

In-Services Course Calendar

1. Webinar Details - 2021. Click Here
2. Online Inservice Course - 2021. Click Here
3. List of resource person for courses in Cyber Crime Click Here

Upcoming Courses / Webinars

1. Online Course on Search & Seizure & Preservation of Digital Evidence.
21st - 22nd October 2021
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2. Webinar on Awarness of Smart Device Forensics.
27th October 2021
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3. Online Course on Wildlife Crime & Forensics.
05th - 06th November 2021
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